Archives and updates from an early 90's St. Louis folk/pop/punk band

Archives and updates from an early '90's St. Louis folk/pop/punk band

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reunion Recap; CD's available

The gigs happened.  We certainly got a kick out of them.  There's reason to believe the audiences did too. Thanks for coming if you came.  Here's what Roy Kasten had to say about it.

In case anyone's wondering, the digital 23-song Almanac is on its way, hopefully some time in the next couple of weeks.  It'll be on Amazon, itunes, the usual. We'll post here when it's up.

If you prefer cd's, we have those.  We'll be getting them into at least one St. Louis record store shortly.  Update on that soon. If you want to do mail order, email johnminkoff AT hotmail DOT com.  We didn't make too many, but we'll mail them out while we have them.

That's all for now. The skunk thanks you.

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