Archives and updates from an early 90's St. Louis folk/pop/punk band

Archives and updates from an early '90's St. Louis folk/pop/punk band

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Enormous Richard: the critics quoth

The Enormous Richard archive has been plundered for quotes in support of the pending worldwide digital release of our 1990 debut cassette, Why It's Enormous Richard's Almanac. According to yellowing documents mouldering in a Missouri basement, the following things have been said in print about Enormous Richard.

'exuberant, haystack-hiding, mischievous'

"The rope burns on their hands aren't so bad that they can't play their instruments. Mixing the bluesy twang of their kissing cousins like the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies and distantly inbred relatives like the Flat Duo Jets, Enormous Richard boasts a hearty dose of bluesy country twang and tongue-in-cheek, good-ole pickin' and grinnin' fun, like if Mojo Nixon fell clear off the Louisiana Hayride and landed plum on his head. It all breathes with an exuberant, haystack-hiding, mischievous boyish charm, like they know they shouldn't be saying or doing the things they're saying and doing, and they know they'll get their mouths washed out with soap for it, but that's not about to stop 'em at all from having their fun."
- CMJ (College Music Journal) New Music Report, Jan. 18, 1991

'humor, political discourse and charm'

"Bedded beneath the sheer insanity of the group's words lies a rich layer of humor, political discourse and charm. They speak to the small and large aspects of daily life, dissecting everything from the curiosities of Christ to canines in traffic - plus various girlfriends and their new haircut."
- Thomas Crone, Riverfront Times, Dec. 5, 1990

'a breath of fresh, reality-rooted air'

"In an era when even out-there "alternative" bands are more concerned with their haircuts and marketing plans than writing songs about stuff that matters, Enormous Richard is a breath of fresh, reality-rooted air."
- Kevin Roe, Sound Views (New York)

'funny as fuck'

"Enormous Richard, a funny as fuck six-piece "skuntry"-rock band from St. Louis, sing like Michael Hurley, sound like they tour in a haycart with one loose wheel, and give away free condoms in concert."
- New York Press, Oct. 2, 1991

'they'll accept food'

"The band's home-taped cassette probably costs a few bucks, but I think they'll accept food, gifts, girls' phone numbers or really earnest compliments."
- Orla Swift, Meriden (Conn.) Record Journal, June 4, 1991

'rare in these days of money-grubbing'

"Bands like Enormous Richard are rare in these days of money-grubbing, musically calculating and world conquering bands."
- Jeffrey Lee Puckett, Louisville Courier Journal

'stonking bouncey fun'

"You want stonking bouncey fun? Go for Enormous Richard, who claims he "Answers All Your Questions" and offers 50 minutes of Pogues-powered reel-around-the-maypole mayhem."
- Alternative Press

'swirling, frenetic crock-pot stew'

"A swirling, frenetic crock-pot stew of yelping Johnny Thunders-style rockabilly stomp, quirky Chilton-ian edgy pop and songs about stuff you never thought to write a song about."
- Kevin Roe, Sound Views (New York), April 1993


Polaroid is of Elijah Shaw (in Skeletor mask) and John Minkoff jamming in an Enormous Richard tour van.