Archives and updates from an early 90's St. Louis folk/pop/punk band

Archives and updates from an early '90's St. Louis folk/pop/punk band

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bong hits, donuts, coffee, and Enormous Richard's Almanac

We have been slow to promote our digital re-issue of Enormous Richard's Almanac, because we are old and it is painfully boring to self-promote your twenty-year-old-basement recording. But the reviews are rolling in! And they are really good!

A friend from Nashville writes:

I'm finally sitting down and really listening to The Enormous Richard's Almanac this morning over bong hits, donuts, and coffee ... hilarious! I remember hearing this stuff many years ago, I think while I was in the Boro maybe? Carter had it? Maybe you played it while we were recording at Alex the Great or something? dunno ... but I love it!!!

If I had to pick a fave, it'd have to be "Steve Pick, Music Critic"... then again, "Steady Dick" and "Promising Young Republican" make me laugh ... ok, it's all fucking hilarious!!!
 But really, to me at least, this album is a far more positive addition to the greater omnibus-compendium of American music than a bunch of sad-bastard-shoe-gazing-emo-shit!!! The more I listen to it, the more attached to it I become!

I am sure those bong hits, donuts, and coffee didn't hurt, either!